Service Plans

Service Plans


• ½ hour of labor included (rate applied after half hour)
• Test Pump Condition
• Inspect tank for failure & corrosion & recharge the tank
• Inspect fittings belonging to the water pump system
You’ll be charged upon completion


• Annual inspections can help prevent your pump system from having a catastrophic failure.
• Can help save money by making sure the pump and tank are functioning properly to prevent premature failure.
• Saves money on every service call.


Regular Service Call (one time visit)  $245.00

Annual Service Plan $205.00

That’s a $40.00 savings by planning in advance!

Terms & Conditions

 • Customer will receive a 40 dollar discount from the service call fee (This applies to service calls throughout the year).
• We will service your water pump system a minimum of once a year to ensure your pump and water tank is functioning properly and make recommendations as needed for a properly functioning system.
• Service plan fee and other charges are expected to be paid upon completion of the job (Labor, Parts, etc.).
• Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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Maintaining & Repairing Pumps & Tanks

Maintaining & Repairing Pumps & Tanks

If you notice problems with your water pressure, water quality, or electricity bill, give us a call. We can track down your problem and repair it, usually in a single service call. We also offer maintenance to keep your well and water pressure pump system running great before problems occur. 

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